March 5, 2008 § 2 Comments


I should have forbade her, but in truth she would have done it anyway; eye-ing me, as she did, with full-born malice as she dipped her knife into that most-redundant of combinations: peanut-butter and buttered oil.

I should have forbade her when I saw those first few signs, when she first (in moments of pure jubilation) expressed her desire to kiss. But now I am greeted with the foulest of sights: for it has developed that she has no qualms about putting her lips (the very same which she will still-pucker for her beloved!) on those stringy and desiccated vermin which have surreptitiously found their way into our household (the cats).

I should have forbade her, but perhaps that was impossible, for by all accounts she was asleep. O’! would that I could have stopped her! Would that I could have ended her maddening pursuit of my pillow, side of the bed, and sheets!


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  • jason says:

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  • thomas j. cooper, the third says:

    Jason! I was trying to remember when that happened but now I can’t remember! Was this before or after your neuroplasty?

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